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This Week with George Stephanopoulos (HD, New, TV-G) The Washington insider interviews top newsmakers and moderates debates between government officials and journalists on the nation's hottest political issues.
My Dream Home
Calvary Chapel
Rock the Park Theodore Roosevelt National Park (HD, New, TV-G) Jack and Colton follow in the footsteps of the nation's 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, to observe animals both big and small; the pair follow large bison.
Outback Adventures
Empty Nest Dear Aunt Martha (TV-PG) Carol believes in romance again after taking her own advice and meeting Mr. Right.
Empty Nest Goodbye Charley (TV-PG) Charley is distraught after the death of his relative, because he believes that no one will miss him when he dies, so Carol helps him stage his own funeral.
Night Court All You Need Is Love (TV-14) An eccentric man begins his first night as a night court judge, and when a woman is brought in accused of trying to shoot her husband, he uses a coin to judge.
Night Court Santa Goes Downtown (TV-14) A man, who believes he is Santa Claus, is in night court on charges of trespassing, but he may actually have the chance to change the life of a troubled teen.
Spin City About Last Night (TV-14) Mike and the staffers console themselves with a trip to a bar after learning they won't be allowed to visit with President Clinton when he comes to town.
Spin City Don't Get on the Bus (TV-14) Mike learns that Trevor proposed to Caitlin just as the Mayor is heading out on a campaign tour; Nikki makes the mistake of taking dating advice from Stuart.
The Addams Family Progress and the Addams Family (TV-G) The new city commissioner hopes to build a freeway right where the Addams's house stands and the family has to go to City Hall to fight for their home.
The Addams Family Uncle Fester's Toupee (TV-G) Gomez has a toupee salesman visit to prepare Fester for a visit from his female pen pal, but his friend soon sees through him.
The Monkees Monkees Chow Mein (TV-G) The band discovers that a villainous plot is being arranged at a local Chinese restaurant they frequent, so they make their own plan to stop it.
The Monkees Monkee Mother (TV-G) A new tenant moves into the beach house, and the four guys grow to prefer her over tenants in the past who have tried to get them evicted.
The Partridge Family I Can Get It for You Retail (TV-G) Danny tries to sell Keith's belongings to help pay for a mink coat for Shirley's birthday; Keith thinks he's going crazy when his stuff keeps disappearing.
The Partridge Family Guess Who's Coming to Drive? (TV-G) As the family prepares for the intense summer tour that Ruben had scheduled for the band, Shirley wishes not to spend so much time driving; new driver.
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