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20/20 (HD) Investigative journalists report on corruption and negligence, including corporate and government scandals, along with worldwide human interest stories.
KGUN 9 News at 10 (New) The day's major news events and late breaking stories are presented by the KGUN 9 News Team, along with the latest weather update and tomorrow's forecast.
Jimmy Kimmel Live (HD, TV-14) Jimmy Kimmel hosts a late-night talk show including monologues, comedy sketches and interviews with talented celebrities and musical guests.
Nightline (HD, New, TV-PG) News reporters anchor the critically acclaimed program that presents in-depth reporting on the major news stories of the day from around the world.

That '70s Show 2120 So. Michigan Avenue (TV-14) Eric learns he cannot officially graduate until passing a summer gym class coached by Kelso's older brother; Fez and Kelso have their first "roommate" fight.
That '70s Show 2000 Light Years from Home (TV-14) Eric shocks his parents after announcing his plans to take a teaching job in Africa to replace the money they spent from his college fund.
Roseanne White Trash Christmas (TV-PG) Dan and Roseanne snub the neighborhood association and then get mad when Becky gives her check to Mark and begins a waitress job at a trashy bar.
Roseanne Suck Up or Shut Up (TV-PG) Mark drops a big surprise on Becky when Dan finds out that he's dropped out of school; Roseanne joins a women's club to meet people.
The Drew Carey Show Drew Gets Motivated (TV-14) A motivational speaker hired by the company encourages Drew to come up with a great idea, and Drew is soon promoted, but with mixed results.
The Drew Carey Show Buzz Beer (TV-14) When Drew and Mimi mistakenly discover a secret memo detailing the store's purchase by a Dutch company, everyone scrambles to look for a new job.

« Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Johnny Carson welcomes comedian Dana Carvey, announcer Joe Garagiola and producer David Teitelbaum to the show.
Becker Parannoyed (TV-PG) After his laundry, mail and apartment appear to be tampered with, Becker begins interrogating his neighbors in order to find the culprit.
Wings Remembrance of Flings Past, Part 1 (TV-PG) The gang makes preparations for the upcoming high school reunion, but the events unfold in a fashion no one could have ever predicted for the Hackett brothers.
Growing Pains Ben and Mike's Excellent Adventure (TV-G) Mike agrees to take Ben to the store to buy things he needs for school, but Mike ends up teaching him what he knows about picking up girls.
The Hogan Family Ex Marks the Spot (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
Head of the Class Be My Baby ... Sitter (TV-G)

« Hard Eight (TV-14, R, ***) A secretive, fast-talking professional gambler decides to take a goofy loser, who is down on his luck and completely out of money, under his wing.
Two Men in Town (TV-14, R)
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