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« Good Morning Tucson (New) The KGUN 9 News Team provides a look at local, regional, statewide and national news events and the latest information on Tucson area traffic and weather.
Good Morning America (HD, New, TV-G) Actor Ricky Martin from "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story"; actress Catherine Zeta-Jones from "Cocaine Godmother."

Ellen When Ellen Talks, People Listen (TV-PG) After having to undergo car troubles on the side of the road with no help from others, Ellen pushes for a public movement to be nice to one another.
Ellen Vows (TV-PG) Ellen, Paige and Laurie begin to plan an elaborate ceremony for Lois and Harold when they decide to renew their vows; Ellen talks to Laurie about marriage.
Grace Under Fire Vega$ (TV-14) Grace finds out that Rob hasn't invited her to his weekend getaway because he made plans with someone else, so she goes to Las Vegas with Jean.
Grace Under Fire Jimmy Moves In (TV-14) The building inspector tells Grace that she can only rent her garage apartment to family, and Russell has high hopes that she will let Floyd live there.
Grace Under Fire Quentin Gets His Gun (TV-14) While baby-sitting the children, Quentin goes outside to investigate a strange noise Libby heard, and he grabs Jimmy's rifle which accidentally goes off.
Grace Under Fire Sam's Dad (TV-14) Grace discovers that Sam's father Jerry has been hanging around her house so much because his wife is recovering from depression.

The Joey Bishop Show Joey and Roberta Sherwood Play a Benefit (TV-G) Joey gets Roberta Sherwood to join him in performing at a benefit show.
McHale's Navy Beauty and the Beast (TV-PG) After an arrogant professional photo journalist is sent to document their daily patrols, McHale and his crew attempt to get rid of her.
Father Knows Best Betty's Crusade (TV-G) Betty takes a personal interest to Jim's job when a helpless old man's restaurant is threatened with foreclosure by her father's strict company.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Becomes a Baby Sitter (TV-G) Both Mr. Wilson and Dennis' father make mistakes in canceling their babysitters, and Dennis is forced to step into the role to care for a young guest.
Hazel Hazel's Mona Lisa Grin (TV-G) Years after being the model of a painters portrait, Hazel finds out the artist has since found fame and fortune as an acclaimed painter.
The Partridge Family This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market (TV-G) It's role reversal time in the family as Keith takes home economics and Laurie takes auto shop; Keith's culinary struggles make him the target of a bully.
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